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Improve your bed and breakfeasts WIFI network!

If you’ve noticed that your b and bs Wi-Fi signal is dropping in and out frequently, you may be experiencing dead zones. By making a few changes, you might be able to improve your Wi-Fi reception dramatically and prevent this from happening ever again. Below, you’ll learn how to improve your home’s Wi-Fi signal quickly with a WIFI booster.

wifi boostersRearrange Furniture

Remember that Wi-Fi signals can have a difficult time trying to travel through thick walls and bulky furniture. With this in mind, you should position all furniture strategically. Simply place these items along exterior walls. This will help to prevent the signal from being forced to travel through the furniture, in order to reach your computer or tablet.

Eliminate Mirrors

Mirrors can also be problematic. They’re capable of reflecting Wi-Fi signals and sending them in the incorrect direction. With this in mind, you should keep mirrors far away from your home’s Wi-Fi router.

Centralize Router

The position of your router is absolutely essential. You need to centralize your router to help enhance your signal entirely. Below, you’ll find a few other tips, which can help improve the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.

  • Keep the router off of the floor
  • Try to centralize it
  • Keep the router away from phones and microwaves
  • Never position near cords, wires, lamps or baby monitors
  • Position away from your neighbor’s Wi-Fi router

Be sure to take these steps and you’ll be able to improve your range dramatically.

Wi-Fi Range Extenders

If none of the techniques above have worked, you should consider investing in a good WiFi range extender. With one of the market’s best WIFI range extenders, you will be able to plug up the device in one of your home’s outlets and begin receiving an improved signal right away. Just make sure to inspect the range of the device and you will be able to benefit substantially from the investment!

Playing Games On The Android TV Boxes

Over the years, many new gadgets have been released and have allowed consumers to access new and more exciting forms of entertainment. This is certainly the case with the Android TV box. Although many people will want to use their box to watch television, these boxes are much more versatile than that! They are capable of performing a wide variety of functions. In fact, you can play games on your Android box! Below, you will learn how to do just that and what you will need!

The Right Box

First and foremost, you will need to scour through the various Android TV boxes and choose one that is up to par. A Dual Core or Quad Core box is absolutely essential! You should also make sure that your device comes with Bluetooth compatibility. Choosing a box, which has at last 400 GPU is very important! By choosing a device with all of these aspects, you will be able to play the latest and great Android games directly on your television!

Get A Controller

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you have a compatible gaming controller. If you happened to choose a Bluetooth enabled box, this shouldn’t be very difficult. These devices will be compatible with any gaming control, which is Bluetooth compatible, including those that work with the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. You can also purchase a controller, which is specifically designed for this purpose! Make sure that your box will be completely compatible with your controller, before completing the transaction.

Your TV

In today’s age, almost all televisions and monitors are equipped with HDMI ports! The same can be said about Android TV boxes. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard to find a box and television, which will work together perfectly. Just take a quick glance at the side or back of your television to ensure that it does indeed have an HDMI port and you’ll be fine!


When it comes down to it, there are many activities that can be completed with an Android TV box, which aren’t available with traditional cable. Surprisingly enough, these boxes are much less expensive! Therefore, all households should seriously consider making the move to these machines, while cutting their cable and saving money!